About Us for Taskillar

A project management tool, Taskillar will help your business or organization to efficiently & effectively manage projects, tasks, and other work that is rendered by your business.

Suitable for a wide range of businesses, Taskillar is designed in a way that it can be easily customizable to be suitable for different kinds of business services/operations such as marketing, customer support, sales, R&D, media production, HR, and IT. A web & mobile app platform for work/project management, Taskillar will enable your business in tracking projects, deadlines, and team collaborations or group projects/tasks. Designed by a team of qualified and well-trained developers, Taskillar has numerous features and capabilities including 100+ prebuilt automation recipes and more than 50 integrations with other work apps. You can either create a workflow that suits you the best or you can also choose your ideal workflow from 200+ premade templates that are designed with accuracy and precision by the dedicated team of Taskillar.

A time-saving and creative visual platform that can manage all your work-related activities, you will not need any training to use Taskillar as it is an easy-to-use and user-friendly platform. As Taskillar is a user-oriented visual interface platform that is really easy to use, so if any new member also joins your team, then that member won't require any training on how to use Taskillar and can start working with your team as soon as he/she/they join your team.

Designed & developed with the aim to help the businesses and teams to work on projects with ease, Taskillar is a Work Operating System (Work OS) that makes sure that the workflow of your business is productive and hassle-free. Simple yet highly dynamic, Taskillar can help your business/team in many ways, including the following -

Applicable to be used in almost all kinds of business work and operations, Taskillar is a highly customisable platform that gives your business or team the opportunity to build custom work applications for any tasks, project, or work. With the help of Taskillar, you can easily build your custom work applications all according to your business or work requirements.

As stated above, Taskillar is a highly dynamic and customisable platform, so it can be used for almost all business activities, departments, teams, and for all types of projects and processes. Taskillar is a multi-dimensional platform that is designed to make your work easier, more productive, and trouble-free.

Taskillar also gives you an easy overview of your projects & tasks. On Taskillar, with a single glance, you can see all your projects and tasks. And not only that. Taskillar also lets you see the progress of all your work and tasks. Because of this, you can easily evaluate your work & get a clear status of all your projects completion. And by doing so, you can eliminate future uncertainties and make better decisions, which you and your team will be completely aware of in advance only.

One of the handiest features of Taskillar is its Dashboards. To make sure that you don't miss out on any updates which are happening on multiple boards and to assist you with workflow, we have come up with the Dashboards. Through this amazing feature, you can create work reports, summaries, & other evaluation records, and obtain a clearer view of everything related to your work.

Work can be boring and mundane sometimes, isn't it? But that won't be a problem with Taskillar. At Taskillar, we make everything visual in colours, graphs, shapes in order to make sure that you understand all your projects and work in a better way, and also by doing so, you won't get bored with your work easily.

At Taskillar, we look at each and every aspect of work and that's why we kinda realized that extremely detailed & long email threads and unnecessary meetings can hinder the effectiveness and efficiency of work. And that's why at Taskillar, we organize all communication and files in one place only, so you never miss any important information. This feature of Taskillar also solves issues of cross-collaborations and makes working across different structures, locations, and teams easy.

Whether you are working at odd hours, doing overtime, working from home, remote working, travelling a lot, working after hours from your mobile phone, or whatever your working situation is, Taskillar has a number of highly useful features that will always help you out & support you in the aforementioned working situations.

Managing different platforms while working is not an easy thing to do, and it can get extremely frustrating and it can also negatively affect your productivity and completion of projects & tasks as well. And that's why Taskillar connects all external platforms (that you are working on) together using an integration centre. At Taskillar, we strive to help you and that's why we want you to be able to bring all your work together in one place and that's why we have our well-designed integration centre that enables you to connect multiple platforms. Amalgamation or connecting platforms together means you can bring together all the data and information within Taskillar and then there will be one single source for all your data and information, which will bring ease to your work.

An incredible Work OS, Taskillar is a platform that can boost up the productivity of our business and can make the workflow of your business and team more fruitful and result-oriented. Also, Taskillar is always there to support you. We have our mobile application available on both iOS and Android. So you can download our mobile application and manage your Taskillar account from your phone.